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Transportation & Logistics

Digital technologies have disrupted the transportation and logistics industry. The emergence of cloud platforms for fleet management, ride-sharing, and last-mile delivery has changed the traditional transport and logistics business.

Connected devices, sensors and efficient IoT network transforms automation and data analytics capability across many industries. In transportation and logistics, it enables you to have a real time data on assets and also to extract more value from each customer interaction. Data on customer behavior and preferences helps you make strategic decisions and align the business processes to support enhanced customer experience and engagement.

Teklogix can integrate digital platforms with your business processes, mobile applications, and enterprise services for business growth and competitive advantage. We design and embed the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to efficiently manage, monitor, and operate transportation fleets.

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Leveraging IoT technology in this sector, we offer:

  • Connecting assets and making them work smarter

  • Fleet tracking and management platforms

  • B2B shipping and order fulfillment platforms for e-commerce 

  • IoT Strategy Consulting 

  • IoT Connectivity and roaming

  • Enabling operational efficenices 

  • IoT enabled consumption meters 

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