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Network Solutions

Teklogix helps organizations to transform their network infrastructure to support and enable its business strategy, digital transformation and its journey to the cloud. A well designed network infrastructure enables the business to have greater agility, flexibility and scalability to meet the rapidly changing market.


Robust network infrastructure is the glue that keeps your customers, partners and employees together. Teklogix helps organizations design, implement and manage network infrastructure to enable innovation and business growth.

Teklogix is an experienced system integrator serving many enterprise customers in various industry verticals. Our network solutions include both wired and wireless solutions that can be local or wide area networks. We work and partner with the leading network equipment manufacturers, and we maintain many certified engineers on staff.


Our network solutions cover data, voice and video networks. LAN, WAN, WLAN, MPLS, Gpon, Internet and SD-WAN.

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Our network solutions include:

  • Data Center Networks 

  • ​LAN and WAN design and implementation

  • Cloud optimized hybrid networks 

  • Wireless Networks 

  • MPLS Networks 

  • VPNs

  • Remote Access Solutions

  • SD-WAN solutions 

  • Load Balancing Solutions

  • Storage Area Networks 

  • Internet IP Transit Solutions 

  • GPon Networks 

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