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Manufacturing businesses are facing a rapid change in technology. The arrival of Industrial 4.0 Digital transformation and the cyber and physical connectivity bring in both, opportunities and challenges to the manufacturing industry. 

With our understanding of the manufacturing industry, we can help you overcome these challenges. On top of industrial 4.0 technologies, we take advantage of cloud technology to streamline operations and contain costs. Leveraging collaborative and integrated platforms we can help you drive productivity while ensuring the performance and resilience of your supply chain.

At Teklogix, we integrate technologies from Industrial 4.0, such as IoT, Robotics, 3D printing, and supply chain transformation with the traditional manufacturing approaches. We design robust cyber-security and monitoring systems for industrial control systems.

Teklogix has a team of engineers who focus on serving the manufacturing sector in industrial process automation. Industrial control systems and integrating PLC platforms with IT systems.​

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In the manufacturing space, we offer:

  • Industrial Process Automation

  • Cyber security design and implementation

  • Data analytics and modeling 

  • IoT consulting and solution roadmap 

  • IoT connectivity 

  • PLC and DCS systems monitoring 

  • IT-OT Integration 

  • Supply-Chain transformation 

  • Drive adoption of mobility across the value chain

  • Deliver a greater connectivity and integration between manufacturers and distributors

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