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Technology is changing the delivery of education at every level. COVID 19 further accelerated the digital disruption and technological challenges that the education sector has faced. The combination of Apps, Video, Distant Learning etc are technological innovations in the delivery of education today. Depending on our core focus on cloud and efficeint connectivity technologies we can be your partner to help you start your journey to both the cloud and digital transformation.

Deploying cloud technologies with software defined wide area networks that can help you deliver a robust online learning management platform that can grow and scale with your success.

We partner with the leading Student Information System vendors to deliver an end to end cloud enabled learning management system.


Our expertise in cloud platforms and mobility helps us to offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions that are cost effective and efficent for education and research workloads.

Keyboard and Mouse

In transforming education, we offer: 

  • Creating secure networks virtually segregated to serve faculty, admin and student populations 

  • Online Learning Management Systems 

  • Realtime Online Collaboration Platforms. 

  • Remote learning platforms

  • Technology Consulting Services 

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Security and Identity Management Solutions

  • Document management platforms

  • Computerised testing and assessment platforms.


​To the sector we bring digital expertise to help schools, colleges and universities build a technology strategy and apply it

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