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IoT Solutions

Teklogix offers end to end digital IoT services for smart cities, buildings, and connected assets, providing a multi tier next-generation model for controlling, monitoring, and reporting real-time data.

Internet of Things brings in a lot of value to the enterprise by bringing in real-time data that can transform the business quite drastically - this could be in operational excellence, customer experience, new products and services, streamlining manufacturing, or direct revenue increase. We design and implement private IoT networks. Also, offer cloud-based IoT solutions for various industries and use cases. Through our partners, we also provide global connectivity for IoT platforms and services.

We focus on designing and delivering fit-for-purpose IoT solutions for your industry and to solve business problems. Whether your business needs connectivity, devices, platform, or consulting services, our team and partner ecosystem are ready to meet any business requirement.

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IoT use cases that we offer:

  • Smart Buildings

  • Smart Cities 

  • Supply Chain Management 

  • Asset Management

  • Livestock Management

  • Smart Factories 

  • Smart Utility Meters

  • Fleet Management

Through our partner networks we also offer global IoT connectivity using Global LPWAN and Global Cellular IoT

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