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The finance industry like many other industries is facing disruption due to rapid changes in technology and innovation. Traditional banking services are being disrupted by technology driven fintech startups and the rise of Crypto currencies are adding a new set of challenges for the industry. Peer to peer lending firms are taking away businesses from established financial institutions. Regulatory pressure, and competitive market conditions are driving the need to transform to a digital operating model forcing the industry to innovate or die.


We serve the industry in designing and implementing next-generation networks, mobility solutions, contact center and unified communication solutions to unlock new digital capabilities for improved customer service and retaintion.


Also using the power of the cloud to deliver value through big data processing leveraging AI/ML for actionable insights.


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In transforming the finance, banking and insurance industries we offer:

  • Deploying robust IT Infrastructure 

  • SD WAN solutions for branch connectivity 

  • Enterprise Service Bus (API) aggregation

  • Moving critical workloads to the cloud

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Contact Center Solutions connected to CRM and Core banking platforms

  • Cyber security design and implementation

  • Data analytics and modeling 


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