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Teklogix's experience with enterprise technology and worldwide connectivity brings a unique value proposition to telecom operators and service provider companies to layout and construct digital solutions for their customers. We bring data-driven insight to create or enhance digital service offerings that telcos incorporate in their products and services portfolio. 

Building Cloud Solutions for Service Providers


By partnering with Teklogix, service providers can build a full suite of cloud offerings for their enterprise customers. Our tailored offering to service providers on various cloud platforms include:

  • Market assessment and strategic consultancy

  • Technical design

  • Cloud software and tools

  • Technical installation and operations

  • Joint sales and marketing

  • Customer support

Keyboard and Mouse

In the Telecommunication space we offer:

  • Online Charging Platforms and Aggregation Solutions.

  • Contact Center as a Service Platforms

  • Enterprise Collaboration Platforms 

  • Airtime top up services 

  • Third party bill payment solutions

  • IP transit services through partners 

  • Payment gateway integration to enterprises and MNOs

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

  • IPTV and OTT platforms for service providers 

  • SIMBOX detection and fraud prevention platforms

  • PCRF and CVM platforms for MNOs

  • SS7 Firewalls, A2P SMS Firewalls, SIGTRAN gateways.

  • Public WiFi Infrastructure for MNOs

  • Partner Relationship Platforms for Telco channel management

  • Outsourcing service delivery engagments 

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