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At Teklogix, we firmly believe that healthcare is a right of every human, and the industry must leverage technology to deliver good healthcare. Our experience in digital and IT solutions across many sectors crosses over into healthcare. Specifically, we offer various communication platforms for healthcare providers.


With our breadth and depth of skills in secure communications and mobility solutions, we enable healthcare providers deliver enhanced patient care and service delivery.  Technology is a critical component in meeting the rapidly growing demand for quality healthcare and to empower the patient with data to enhance quality of life and longivity aspirations.

We also help organizations comply with industry patient privacy laws by providing secure infrastructure that meets the required compliance standards.

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We help the healthcare sector in:

  • ICT Infrastructure

  • Advanced Contact Center Platforms 

  • Communication and Collaboration platforms

  • Delivering Mobility in Healthcare Services 

  • Data and Analytics Solutions 

  • Deploying Electronic Health Record Platforms

  • Improving Clinical Operations using IoT enabled technologies

  • Providing highly available cloud platforms for critical workloads.

  • Desinging and implementing systems and infrastructure to meet patient data security complience standards such as HIPPA

  • Connectivity for remote sites, tele medicine, remore radiology reading labs 

We also offer Core Administrative Processing Solutions (CAPS) for the healthcare industry through our partner network.

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