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Real Estate 

We bring our extensive experience in the hospitality industry tech to the real estate industry. The real estate industry is adopting technological solutions to manage and operate assets. Smart city designs and connected buildings have become ubiquitous in many major cities. Developers incorporate technology to drive the value of thier assets and for better customer engagment.


Networks, sensors, mobility and cloud play critical role in the industry. Cloud managed property management systems are enabling to efficently manage retail, commercial or residential properties.


At Teklogix, we design and implement wireless solutions, sensor-driven smart homes for energy management, and connected homes. We employ various IoT solutions for the real estate industry.

For new developments, we provide technical consultancy services and implementation project supervision. Cloud-based project management and record archiving solutions.

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In this industry we offer:

  • Smart Building Management Systems 

  • Cloud based property management systems

  • Cloud based project management platform

  • IoT enabled solutions 

  • Connectivity Solutions 

  • Voice, Video and Data Networks 

  • New build technology consulting and design services 

  • ICT infrastructure design services 

  • ICT implementation and project supervision services 

  • Digital document management platforms

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